MD5311: Streaming

Finding access points to promote and distribute our music is a primary focus. Streaming services are constantly providing new playlists that are either their own services’ curators or from 3rd parties that have gained enough traction and popularity to reach the main categories that Spotify make.

Many streaming service users are looking to discover new music, so if we were to be featured on playlists that have artists with a similar demographic, this could provide a platform to gain audience traction in such a saturated music industry.

Observing what playlists our influential bands have made it on to tells me that there’s a range of big to small playlists. Whilst researching into playlist curators, we were able to find some in particular that would suit our promotional needs, even if this was further down the line:

Example playlist curator link:

Example website promoting playlist curators:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.09.30Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.10.22

Realistically we would aim to contact the curators of smaller playlists to start with:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 19.21.09

Soundplate is a record label and music platform that also creates playlists. They curate music from a range of genres; a smaller playlist of theirs that would cater for our artist needs is their ‘Rock/Indie Songs’ Spotify playlist.

To access Spotify playlists, we would need a distributer.

Getting an artist profile verified:

After researching, I think it’s sensible to try to find access points from other service’s playlists such as Soundcloud and Youtube. Spotify playlists are internally curated, apart from some smaller curated playlists that still can gain positive traction online.


This is my research into YouTube channels to try and get our music promoted on. Platforms on Youtube are actively curating playlists and promoting and distributing music that sit within our genre of music. This means it could be an effective method for our own artist traction.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 20.40.42

The Hyve has a healthy following on YouTube; it’s definitely a platform that we’d aspire to get plugged on later in the stage of a promotional campaign. They still curate playlists of new indie and alternative music and the content that they make is aimed at the demographic we’d like to focus on.

Smaller YouTube channels would be ideal for us, as they’d be easier to get in contact with to ask if our music could be featured on their channels.

  • IndieCurrent – 148k subscribers – showcase channel for up and coming indie artists
  • Paste magazine –  Showcased artists such as our influence ‘Fickle Friends’
  • Naked Noise – uploads sessions of artists playing live – 31,360 subscribers 

Larger YouTube channels (For future reference)

  • Sofar sounds572,130 subscribers – Live shows featured in intimate areas
  • Audiotree – 344,941 subscribers – Live sessions and interviews
  • Majestic Casual – 3m subscribers – A broader channel for many different music trends that arise

Music Review Channels

Review channels on YouTube could be considered as a useful platform to get music positively promoted (you would hope). This would be an extra option and wouldn’t be a main strategy for where our EP would sit in terms of music releases currently.

The Needle Drop – 1.4m Subscribers – this channel is the most popular in terms of music reviews

ARTV – Alternative Rock music reviewer – 96,347 Subscribers




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